Your Self Help Support Page

Many computer issues can be resolved quickly and easily. This page will help fix small, everyday issues that can be performed by the end user. Of course we are available for additional help. Please scroll down this page to view helpful troubleshooting information. Should you require further assistance please click Products/Services and submit a support request.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My network drive (example: Q drive) is not available

    • Logoff/Restart your computer

    • Remove the inserted USB drive and restart

  • My iPad will not turn on

    • Plug into outlet to charge iPad

    • Press the Home Button while pressing the On Button and hold for 10 seconds

  • Printer not feeding paper

    • Remove paper from tray and re-insert

    • Put more paper in tray

  • My computer speakers are not working

    • Check volume on speakers as well as the computer

    • Un-mute speakers

  • I cannot log into IEP Direct and/or Powerschool

    • Please contact your supervisor for your login name and password

  • Where can I find my computer name?

    • It should be posted on the monitor on a white label

  • I cannot access a site on the internet

    • Check the spelling

    • Try browsing to another site IE: Google.com or MSN.com

  • There is a message on my screen which I do not recognize

  • I don't see new email in Outlook

If your problem is not resolved as a result of your actions please submit a Support Request